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7 Chew Resistant Dog Beds That Can’t Be Destroyed

7 Chew Resistant Dog Beds That Can’t Be Destroyed

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Let me tell you the truth about chew resistant dog beds. In most cases, they’re a waste of money. So yeah, the headline of this article is absolute click-bait – I had to bring you here somehow, sorry, but I promise if you keep reading it’ll be worth it.

Chewing is a natural behaviour in dogs. It’s just as important for them as eating, drinking, and exercise.

Dogs don’t chew on stuff to annoy you. They do it because biologically speaking, it has a comforting effect on them. It makes them feel better. When a dog feels lonely, bored or anxious, the act of chewing helps them to relief stress.

If your dog doesn’t have access to a good amount of chew toys or chew treats, you can buy 50 different dog beds that are advertised as chew proof, and your dog will ruin all of them.

Alternatives to chew resistant dog beds

Your dog has a strong bond with you and may get anxious when left alone. So, if you tend to come home to a huge mess after work, it often means that your dog was worried, anxious, and/or bored while you were gone.

If you’ve already tried lots of different things to help with separation anxiety, and you feel like none of it has helped, try looking for a behaviourist vet near you. When dealing with extreme behaviours, it’s possible that your dog is suffering from underlying medical conditions that cause discomfort. If that’s not the case, a behaviourist vet will be able to recommend a good dog trainer.

It’s important to know that not all dog trainers are equal. Be cautious of old-school dog trainers who use punishment and fear in their training methods. Seek out a dog trainer who follows science-backed, positive training methods.

How to get your dog to stop chewing

… on items you don’t want them to chew on. The simple answer is to redirect the chewing behaviour. In other words, provide your dog with chew treats and chew toys as an outlet for their urge to chew.

What if your dog still continues to chew their dog bed?

Some dogs are more anxious than others and there’s never a single solution to an unwanted behaviour that works on all dogs. That said, try the following:

If, for example, the unwanted chewing happens while you’re out of the house, try doing some enrichment activities with your dog before you leave the house.

It might annoy you and won’t fit in your schedule, but you probably don’t have to do it for forever, maybe just for a month or so.

The idea is simple. You give your dog an outlet for their energy before being left alone. Because of that, they might find it easier to relax while you’re gone.

Check out this article about my 5 favourite stimulating dog toys that make for a great enrichment activity.

My favourite products

Below I’ll list some of my favourite products from the categories mentioned in this article. So that’s chew treats, chew toys, and enrichment toys. No chew proof dog beds, sorry. But I really do believe that if you can redirect the chewing behaviour to items that are meant to be chewed in, and maybe work in any potential underlying anxiety, you can buy any dog bed you want 🙂

For Enrichment:

A Snuffle Mat. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon. Learn more about snuffle mats here: All You Need To Know About Snuffle Mats For Dogs

Antlers are a great, natural chew treat. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

Image Source: Pet Parents on Amazon

Chew Toy:

Benebone makes durable, flavoured toys that are USA made. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

Image Source: Benebone on Amazon
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