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When will my Border Collie puppy stop chewing?

When will my Border Collie puppy stop chewing?

Border collie puppy

There’s no general age at which your Border Collie puppy will stop chewing, but there are plenty of factors that will give you a pretty good idea of it.

Why is my Border Collie puppy chewing?

At first, you want to determine why your Border Collie puppy is chewing. And luckily that’s typically easy to answer.

Just like human babies, puppies will feel an urge to chew when they’re teething. So, as your puppy grows older, the urge to chew will be reduced.

How can you stop your Border Collie puppy from chewing?

While you might not be able to entirely stop your puppy from chewing while it’s growing new teeth, there are plenty of things you can do to redirect the chewing behaviour. Let me explain.

Chewing is a natural urge for your puppy. It’s not a bad thing by itself. What’s bad is when your Border Collie puppy chews on items that shouldn’t be chewing, such as cables or your shoes.

In order to stop your Border Collie puppy from chewing on items that they shouldn’t be chewing, you need to give your puppy access to items that are OK to chew.

So, by giving your puppy dog-friendly chews you can stop it from chewing on other items.

What chews are good for Border Collie puppies?

When you look for dog-friendly chews, it’s important to make sure that they’re safe for puppies. You can ask your local vet for a recommendation who I’m sure will be happy to help.

Personally, we used to provide our Border Collie puppy with filled Kongs from their puppy-range.

So, we’d fill a puppy Kong with dog food that we knew our puppy tolerated well (our Border Collie puppy unfortunately grew up with lots food sensitivities and was therefore a pretty picky eater).

For the most part, we used the classic Kong and a Kong bone. They’re honestly annoying to clean but by far worked the best for us to redirect our Border Collie puppy’s chewing behaviour.

This is the Kong bone we used a lot for our puppy. Available from $6.99 on Amazon.

Another trick is to buy multiple Kongs (of the same type), prepare them once a week and then put them in the freezer, so you always have a filled Kong at hand when you need one.

If you don’t want the mess of food toys, you could try a Puppy Teething Stick from Kong. We personally never tried them, but they have many great reviews online.

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